Measure. Success.
Track and analyze your television PSA airplay with Milestone PSA Airplay Reports.
Measure. Success.

Measure the value and reach of your PSA airplay and share with stakeholders in Executive Reports, Annual Reports and Financial Statements.

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About Us

Milestone PSA helps charitable and non-profit organizations chart a course through the development and production, distribution and outreach, and tracking and analysis of their public service announcement (PSA) campaigns.

Our Clients

PSA Development & Production

Organizations trust Milestone to track and analyze their previous PSA campaigns and develop engaging creative treatments for their next PSA Campaigns.

Milestone then brings together the very best creative and technical talent to create the finest PSA spots.

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PSA Distribution & Outreach

The success of an organization’s PSA distribution is dependent on their ongoing efforts to reach out and engage broadcasters and encourage them to support their PSA campaigns.

Milestone develops PSA distribution plans that target broadcasters and influence key decision-makers throughout the industry.

Milestone also helps organizations obtain PSA approvals from broadcast authorities; inspect, QC and add closed captioning to PSA masters; create PSA Campaign Backgrounders and Traffic Instructions; and prepare digital copies for marketing and outreach.

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PSA Tracking & Analysis

Charitable and non-profit organizations need accurate airplay data to evaluate the success of a PSA campaign.

That’s why Milestone tracks PSA airplay on every broadcast outlet in all national and local markets across Canada, not just the measured markets. We also analyze PSA airplay data to evaluate dollar value and audience reach.

Milestone PSA tracks and measures past airplay for PSA campaign analysis
and establishes benchmarks for future PSA campaigns.

Organizations use Milestone PSA reports to help their communication and marketing teams identify trends in their PSA airplay and focus their outreach efforts with television broadcasters.

These reports also provide valuable data to measure the success of television PSA campaigns and provides senior executives with measurement data for communication with stakeholders and sponsors. Some organizations also use PSA report data in their financial reports.

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